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Germany 2018 World Cup Away Shirt

Oliver Rolf Kahn, born on 15 June 1969, was a German football player who played for Germany national team as a goalkeeper. He hung up his boots in September 2008.

Kahn was called up to play for the national team in 1994. After two two years, he helped the squad win European Football Championship. In 1998, Kahn became a main force in Germany national team and was appointed as the captain of the team in 2002. He performed well in the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Seven appearances for his country and a few goals earned him the Golden Glove award and Adidas Golden Ball award, becoming the first goalkeeper to get the Golden Ball award.

Kahn started his career in the Karlsruher SC Junior team in 1975 and transferred to Bayern München on 1 July 1994. During the 14 years in Bayern, his resolute and steadfast qualities are impressive. In the 1998-99 season, Kahn created a Bundesliga record that was without losing any ball in a total of 736 minutes, which was equal to eight consecutive games. In the 2002-03 season, he broke his own record and didn’t lose any ball in 802 minutes. Kahn has helped Bayern Munich get eight titles of Bundesliga, six DFB-Pokal trophies and five DFB-Ligapokal titles. What’s more, he also won UEFA Cup, UEFA Champions League and Intercontinental Cup.

As German media said: “Kahn’s greatness is to lead the team by his spirit and action and he will never give up in any conditions.” People who have watched Kahn’s games must remember him. Aggressiveness is the most appropriate description for his style of play. He can encourage his teammates and defeat his enemies on football courts. Kahn is called “The Lion King” by Chinese football fans due to his blonde hair and aggressive playing style.

Designed and manufactured by Adidas, the brand new Germany away shirt 2018 was unveiled officially by Adidas and the DFB. Like football shirts designed for other national teams, this away shirt was also inspired by previous football jerseys. Designers wanted to be loyal to classic designs and at the same time, to produce World Cup shirts by innovative technologies.

“The World Cup has always been a stage to display Adidas’ most iconic products, innovation and designs. Many of previous classic designs are still very popular with fans. We hope to pay tribute to them and to integrate innovation to new football shirts.” said Juergen Rank, Senior Design Director in Adidas.

This away shirt is predominately green that is derived from the green 1990 World Cup shirt. It also features the word “Die Mannschaft(team)” that is printed at the back of the collar. White collar and iconic Adidas three stripes are so eye-catching, in contrast to the body part. There are a few logos printed on the chest, including Adidas logo, 2014 FIFA World Cup badge and the team badge. Four white five-pointed stars represent victories in the past, showing respect to the great team.

Brazil 2018 World Cup Away Shirt

It is reported that Neymar has been called up to play for Brazil national team in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The young player will lead the powerful team to fight for the championship of this World Cup. Football fans will not miss the greatest and the most prestigious sporting event. You can also predict that which team will get the trophy.

A few brands have unveiled World Cup home and away shirts for 32 qualified national teams competing in the 2018 World Cup in order to help players perform well and run freely on football fields.

Neymar had shoot publicity photos, wearing the Brazil home shirt 2018. The home shirt is a yellow one which is much brighter than previous shirts. This color represents a unique and bold culture that you can only see in Brazil.

Pete Hoppins, Senior Design Director of Nike, said: “the Brazilian players in bright yellow shirts and amazing playing style in the 1970 World Cup have had a profound effect on fans around the world, which is the iconic moment in the history of football. We hope to introduce that design into the Brazil national team’s home shirt.”

“Brazilians have a natural sense of rhythm, which gives them an edge in rhythmic movements.” said Hoppins, “You can see this sense of rhythm in Samba, music and football. Only Brazilians can play football in this special way.”

The away shirt 2018 is predominately blue. A big five-pointed star is designed on front of the shirt, symbolizing two significant moments of the Brazilian football. Players of the team wore blue football shirts for the first time in the 1958 World Cup and they won the title for the first time, too. The gold Nike Swoosh and classic team badge are printed proudly on the chest, showing the brand and paying tribute to the great country.

Inside of the collar, there is the pattern taken from Brazil national flag and it is surrounded by wave lines. The word “você é a seleção (your choice)” is displayed on the outer ring.

This brand new away jersey is made from high-performance knitted fabrics that is made by the latest Vaporknit technology. Therefore, players can run faster when they put on the shirt. In addition, the visible meshes on the chest and back are accurately produced based on the real-time analysis of players’ perspiration so as to provide good breathability.

In addition to the newly designed home and away jerseys, Nike also provides the training jerseys, jackets and so on for Brazil national team. Wearing these football shirts makes players and fans show vitality both on football fields and in daily life.

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